NW7US' New Key...

Below are pictures of the single paddle side key that I picked up at the Rickreal, Oregon Ham Fest in 2000.

These pictures are of the key as it was mounted in my mobile. (I no longer have that vehicle, but I still use the key at home). I used the Icom IC-706MKIIG, using the Normal Iambic setting.

First, the mobile...

The Hood Mobile

From the Back of the Hood Mobile

And now, the key and radio. The IC-706MKIIG face is to the left of the steering wheel. The key is to the right, on the dash board. I used velcro to mount it, so I can use the same wood base while at home.

A view of the radio and key

The IC-706MKIIG's face

view 1 of the key (single paddle)

view 2 of the key (single paddle)

view 3 of the key (single paddle)

view 4 of the key (single paddle)

view 5 of the key (single paddle)

view 6 of the key (single paddle)

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